AIB 3N 25 rebate perimeter seal

AIB 3N 25 rebate perimeter seal

Article number: 310200230

Aluminium stop seal for doors and windows that open to the inside and outside in fire-resistant structures.


  • Aluminium grade 6060 T66
  • Plastic seal (TPE)
  • Location in the 6 mm rebate
  • Rebate width 25 mm
  • Fast and easy to install
  • 2.8 mm pre-drilled
  • Can be installed using a stapler/nail gun
  • Low closing resistance
  • Custom designs available on request

Installation instruction

Cut to the right size with a saw and install using “Ellen” nails 1.6 x 25 mm or “Ellen” screws 2.5 x 16 mm.     




Length Colour EAN (pc.) Qty.
300cm. 310200230 Alu. 8711286260409 15 pc.

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