AIB 4G rebate white perimeter seal

AIB 4G rebate white perimeter seal

Article number: 320100223

Aluminium stop seal, painted white, for doors and windows that open to the inside and outside. Location in the 6 mm space between the frame and the door.


  • Aluminium, white paint finish
  • Plastic seal (TPE)
  • Length 230 and 300cm.
  • Rebate width16 mm
    2.8 mm pre-drilled
  • Customs designs available on request

Installation instruction

To be positioned in the 6mm rebate space between the window or door and the frame. For correct mounting on the hinge side, see image B. For correct mounting on the closing side for inward opening doors and windows, see image A. Use Ellen nails ø1.6 x 25 mm or Ellen screws ø2.5 x 16 mm, a stapler/nail gun may also be used.


Length Colour EAN (pc.) QTY.
230 cm.. 320201223 White 8711286271207 25 pc.

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