EllenMatic Optimal seal

EllenMatic Optimal seal

The EllenMatic Optimal Seal is the ideal drop seal for closing big gaps and for closing gaps on uneven surfaces. Provided with two flexible seals. The high quality silicone seal ensures a low resistance when closing the door. The drop seal is activated from the hinge side.


  • For installation at the bottom of internal and external wooden doors.
  • Can be combined with the EllenMatic Elegance Cassette



  • Covers up to 28mm on uneven surfaces.
  • Automatic self-levelling for any slope of the floor.
  • The No-Break function will make sure the internal components spring back when there are obstacles such as cables under the door.
  • Tested to 1.000.000 open and close cycles.
  • Single-sided activation on the hinge side.
  • Pressure button with large contact surface allows assembly without impact plate.
  • 5 year warranty
Length Art.nr. Colour EAN (pc.) Qty.
628mm. 203300121 Alu. 8711286240470 10 pc.
728mm. 203300122 Alu. 8711286240487 10 pc.
828mm. 203300123 Alu. 8711286240494 10 pc.
928mm. 203300124 Alu. 8711286240609 10 pc.
1028mm. 203300125 Alu. 8711286240616 10 pc.
1128mm. 203300126 Alu. 8711286240623 10 pc.
1228mm. 203300127 Alu. 8711286240630 10 pc.

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