Adapterset for EllenMatic Slim Soundproof

Adapterset for EllenMatic Slim Soundproof

Article number: 203800000

With this adapter set, to be used together with an EllenMatic Slim Soundproof, an alternative is created for the EllenMatic Super (grooove size 47x13,5mm) and Special 2 (groove size 40x13,5mm).

Set contents:

  • 5 distance holders to fill up the top end of the groove. These are clicked upon the Slim Soundproof.
  • 2 suspension plates made of glassfiber reinforced material. The holes for the screws are positioned in such a way that they align exactly with the existing holes. Above that, it covers the open space between the drop seal and the groove.
  • 5 Dynaplus universal screws TX-15 3.5x25, finished with an AR-coating. 4 screws are needed, 1 spare is provided.
  • A string of filler tape that can be applied to the wall of the Slim Soundproof in order to fill up the gap between the groove and the sides of the drop seal.
  • Mounting instruction


Please note: the adapterset can only be used in combination with the EllenMatic Slim Soundproof! Description EAN (pc.) Pack dimensions
203800000 EM Slim Adapterset 8711286268443 24x16x3 cm

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