EllenMatic Soundproof applied in Dutch government building

EllenMatic Soundproof applied in government building

Rijnstraat 8 in The Hague, the former building of the Ministry of Traffic, Spatial Planning and the Environment in The Netherlands, is currently being thoroughly renovated in order to meet the requirements for the new way of working and the current requirements in the fields of sustainability and security. The building will house several ministries and is expected to be completed within a few months.

Various rooms in the building will be provided with the EllenMatic Soundproof, a sound absorbing (up to 51dB) and fire resistant (T30 and T60 according to NEN-EN 1634-1) drop seal that will close a gap of up to 20mm. The perpendicular movement of the internal mechanism and the no-break function make the EllenMatic Soundproof a sustainable and high quality solution. The internal mechanism will spring back if there are obstacles under the door. The unique characteristics of the EllenMatic Soundproof will guarantee an optimum function.

The Soundproof can be milled into the door, but can also be placed in the Elegance cassette in some cases. Made of anodised aluminium, the EllenMatic Elegance Cassette is an ideal and beautiful construction solution to achieve a better noise performance.

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